Dai Anga Mosque a Historical Place in Lahore

Dai Anga Mosque a historical place situated in Naulkaha at a distance of 300 meters from Lahore Railway Station in District Lahore, in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. Dai Anga (Zaib-un-Nisa) built this mosque in 1635 before proceeding for Hajj.

Dai Anga's Mosque

It is evident from the writings inside that the Islamic architecture was built in 1649.  Masjid Wazir Khan – style tiles have been used in the outer side of this Islamic architecture, which has now been replaced by ceramic tiles. This change has the over-lined old tradition of about 300 years.

Dai Anga;s Mosque

Zaib-un-Nisa was foster mother of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan and was given a great importance in the royal family. The tomb is known as Pink Garden (Gulabi Bagh). Her family was very close to the Mughal kingdom. Her husband’s name was Murad Khan. Murad Khan used to perform as a magistrate in Bikaner in the reign of Mughal Emperor Jehangir.

Moreover, Zaib-un-Nisa’s elder son Rashid Khan was very good archery of the empire who was killed in the service of Darashakoh, the elder son of Emperor Shahjahan. Emperor Shahjehan gave due respect to Zaib-un-Nisa.

Dai Anga’s tomb was built in 1671. It is located at the site of Pink Garden (Gulabi Bagh) on G.T Road Lahore. This historical place consists of a central chamber that contains a tomb and eight rooms. The Quranic verses had been drawn on its inner part while the outer part of it is decorated with mosaic.

Dai Anga;s Tomb

There are two graves in this historical tomb, one is of Dai Anga (Zaib-un-Nisa) and the other one is her daughter Sultana Begum, and these two graves are underground.

Dai Anga;s Tomb