Detailed List of the Projects of CPEC in Pakistan

CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). There are following projects which are currently under process.

CPEC Projects with Energy Sector

  1. 2 Projects of 660 MW Coal Power Plants at Qasim Port Karachi cost of 1980 million.
  2. 870MW Hydro Power Station Suki Kinari Naran, KPK  effective cost of 1802 million
  3. 2 Coal Power Plants at Sahiwal total of 1320 MW effective cost of 1600 million
  4. Engro Thar Coal Power Proposal 660 MW cost of 2000 million
  5. TEL Project of Mine Mouth Lignite-Fired Power Project of 330 MW
  6. THAL Nova 330  MW Lignite-Fired Power Project of 330 MW
  7. Mine Surface Thar Coalfield 8 million tons in one year effective cost of 1470 million
  8. Wind Farm Hydro China Dawood 50MW effective cost of 125 million
  9. Coal-based Projects (Imported) of 300 MW at Gawadar City effective cost of 600 million
  10. Quaid Azam Solar Park of 1000 MW in Bahawalpur effective cost of 1320 million
  11. Jhimpel Thatta Wind Energy Project of 100MW effective cost of 250 million
  12. Jhimpel Thatta Sachal Wind energy Project of the 50MW effective cost of 134 million
  13. Thar Coal Block -1  of 1320 MW  effective cost of 3100 million
  14. Hydroo Power Station Karoot of 720 MW effective cost of 1420 million
  15. Gorgees Wind Power Project of 50 MW
  16. Coal-fired Power Plant, Hub, Bolachistan of 1320 MW effective cost of 1300 million
  17. 660 KV HVDC Transmission Line Project of 1500 MW Mataiari to Lahore
  18. Faisalabad Transmission Line Port Qasim Matiari Project of 1500 MW
  19. Thar Mine Mouth Oracle Power Plant of 1320 MW Project cost is 1300 million

CPEC Energy Actively Promoted Projects

  1. Hydel Project, Kohala, Azad Jamu Kashmir of 1100 MW effective cost of 2397 million
  2. Imported Fuel Power Plant R.Y.Khan of 1320 MW effective cost of 1600 million
  3. 50 Wind Power Project Chacho of 50 MW
  4. Western Energy Ltd. Wind Project of 50 MW

CPEC Potential Energy Projects

  1. 80MW Hydro Station Phandar
  2. 100 MW KIU Hydropower Gilgit

CPEC Infrastructure

  1. Karakorm Highway Express 2nd Phase Havelian Section of 120 KM effective cost of 1366 million
  2. Peshwar Karachi Motorway 392 KM effective cost of 2980 million
  3. N-30 Khuzdar Basima Road of 110 KM effective cost of 80 million
  4. N 50 Up gradation Dera Ismail Kahn Zohb First Phase of 210 KM effective cost of 195 million
  5. Further Section of Raikot N 35 136 Km long effective cost of 7198 million

Railway Track

  1. Reconstruction and expansion of ML-1 existing line 1830 KM long effective cost of 8172 million
  2. Havilian Dry Port Project  65 KM
  3. Pakistan Railway Development Capacity

CPEC Gawadar

  1. Gawadar Expressway effective cost of 140.60$ million
  2. Gawadar International Airport 2300$ million
  3. Breakwater Construction 123$ million
  4. Dredging of berthing areas & Channels of 27$ million
  5. Free Zone Development of 32 $ million
  6. Fresh Water treatment and Distribution facility of 130.00$ million
  7. China Pakistan Friendship Hospital of 100$ million
  8. Vocational and Technical Institute at Gawadar 10.00$ million
  9. Smart Port City Gawadar Master Plan of 4$ million
  10. Stainless Steel, Petrochemicals and other industries in Gawadar
  11. Gawadar City university
  12. Optical Fiber construction line
  13. Early Warning System Pakistan Meteorological Department.

CPEC Provincial Projects

  1. KetiBunder Sea Port Development Project
  2. Naukandi Mashkhel Panjgur Road Construction Project
  3. Chitral CPEC Link road from Gilgit, Shandor
  4. Water Supply Scheme Quetta
  5. Steel Mills Project Chiniot

CPEC Social Development  

  1. Knowledge Transfer in different sectors
  2. Establishment of Social Sciences Academy Pakistan
  3. Construction of Business schools