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2000 years history of Jews

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God raises Jesus (Hazrat Essa A.S) to Heaven alive when he was 33 years old but Jews thought that He had been crucified. However, there is a difference of thoughts between the Jews and Christians. According to Jews, Jesus had been crucified and died. But Christians differs with their thoughts and say that he died on the cross and his body was placed in a cave where he was resurrected and ascended to heaven. 

There is a one thing common in Muslims and Christians that Jesus has been taken up to heaven alive. But the difference is that Christians say that He was crucified, then resurrected and taken to heaven while according to the Muslims, they could not crucify him or kill him, but Allah took him up. Muslims and Christians also believe He will return back to earth.

2000 years history of Jews

The Jews deserved torment for this cruel act but Allah made them prolong their life and punished them with worldly torment. After the ascension of Jesus، in 70 AD, the Jews revolted against the Romans۔ In response, the Roman General Titus, attacked and killed 133,000 Jews in a single day in Jerusalem and tore down the Temple of Solomon, which is fallen to this day. Then the Jews were commanded to leave the land and they settled in different parts of the world. Their three tribes, Banu Qainqa, Banu Nazeer and Banu Qurayzah, managed to settle in Madinah. Jews call this period, a Diaspora (era of Anarchy). They claim that their real land is Palestine which had been the home of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. From 70 to 1917, their diaspora continued.

There are three parts of this diaspora, the first of which spans three hundred years. At that time there were Roman rulers who were bitter enemies of Christians and Jews. Christians and Jews were also enemies of each other. The Romans believed that the Christians were also a sect of Jews, therefore, Romans persecuted both of them.

In the year 300 A.D a miracle happened. Emperor Constantine the Great, converted to Christianity from the Roman Empress and following him whole empire converted to Christianity. Consequently, the land was narrowed for the Jews and they were barred from entering the cities. The main reason behind their enmity was that the Christians consider Jesus to be the son of God and the Jews crucified Him. The Jews were in trouble and misfortune because of this enmity. Therefore, the Qur’an says about both of them: “We have created enmity between them”.

The role of the Jews in the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

Five hundred years after the Diaspora, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was born in 571 AD and the revelation was revealed to Him in 610 AD. While the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was in Makkah, the Jews started plotting against him from Madinah. They used to urge the Quraysh in Makkah to harass Him and ask him various questions i.e about Zulqarnain, the companions of the cave and the soul which are mentioned in the Qur’an.  When Prophet PBUH came to Madinah, he made an agreement with Jews known as Charter of Madinah (Madina Pact).

It would not be wrong to call it a master stroke by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It was promised in the agreement that both Muslim and Jews will jointly defend the city of Madinah, if enemy attacked. But the Jews turned away from what they had promised because they were the enemies of the Muslims. They started intrigues against the Holy Prophet and Muslim.

In Surah al Nisa Allah says, “O Prophet, betrayals and dishonesty from them will always come to your knowledge “.

They repeatedly invited Qurayash to attack on Madinah and they would revolt and join them to defeat Muslims. And whenever Qurayash came to attack, they would never got out of houses, because they were not the men of field, and they were not able to fight because they war coward.

Quran says: ” In the enmity of the believers, you’ll found the Jews and the polytheists the worst”.

Caliph Hazrat Umar R.A and Jews (2000 Years History of Jews)

During the caliphate of Hazrat Umar, Jerusalem was besieged by the Muslims. The wall of city was so high and there was no way to attack. The siege was being prolonged, but the Jews had sufficient supplies in the city. In those circumstances, it was impossible to conquer the city. Then Allah Himself solved the problem of Muslims when some Jews scholars appeared on  the wall and they said: O Muslims, if you prolong the siege till the day of resurrection, you will not be able to conquer the city. They said that according to the signs mentioned in their holy books, this  city is to be conquered by a dervish king and that person is not with you.Hearing these words, Hazrat Abu Ubaidah (may Allah be pleased with him) immediately, told his companions that they were talking about Caliph Hazrat Umar R.A. So,the send a messenger to Caliph Hazrat Umar that upon his arrival, the city would be conquered.

Then, he made a historic journey which was seven hundred miles long. He traveled with a camel and a servant. While travel from Madinah to Jerusalem, he and his servant rode on camel turnwise. As they reached near the city, it was servant’s turn to ride the camel. The servant asked, “O Amir al-mu’minin (Caliph), sit on the camel. What will people say? The servant is on the camel and the caliph is walking by holding a rope of the camel.” He said to servant, “No, it is your turn, so you will ride.” His shoes were got damaged in the mud, so he took them off and held them in his hands. His clothes were also patched. When he reached the city, Hazrat Abu Ubaidah requested him that this is a very civilized area so you should change your clothes to impress the people of the city. Hazrat Umar said,“No, we are a people (Ummah/ nation) whom Allah has honored because of Islam not because of clothes.” When the Jews saw Hazrat Umar, and compared him with the signs mentioned in their holy books, they shouted that this is the man who has to conquer the city.

So, they handed over the the keys to Hazrat umar and the city was conquered without killing and war. At that time Hazrat Umar made a leniency allowing the Jews to enter the city. It was a great kindness to the Jews as they were not permitted prior to this. The Christian got insertion of a clause in the agreement that Jews would not be allowed to settle there. They were ordered to make pilgrimages and go. This treaty continued till the caliphate of the Turks.

Caliph Hazrat Umar R.A and The Jews:

This was the time when the Jews stabbed the Muslim Ummah in the back. Abdullah Ibn Saba, a Jew, came in the guise of Islam and surveyed the society. To create a conflict between the Hashim and the Umayyads, he said: ‘Uthman is one of the Umayyads, while the Banu Hashim deserves for the caliphate because they were the relatives of Muhammad(PBUH). He started spreading false rumors that oppression and looting were taking place in the reign of Hazrat Usman R.A. He succeeded to set up a persecution and he tempted the Muslims in favour of Hazrat Ali R.A. Intrigues were raised against Uthman and he was martyred. After this, for the next five years, Muslims continued to cut each other’s necks. He gave such a wound to the Ummah which is still felt. Abdullah Ibn Saba and his companions who were Jews were behind this persecution and tyranny.

Tariq Ibn Ziyad’s era and the role of Judaism and the foundation of the Protestant religion

After the righteous caliphate, the period of the Umayyads had also passed. Tariq Ibn Ziyad attached at Spain in 712 AD. At that time Spain was center of Christianity and the Jews were being beaten by the Christians. So, the Jews did the trick, and helped Tariq Ibn Ziyad in such a way that they kept telling him the ways & tricks. Eventually, Spain was conquered. Tariq Ibn Ziyad considered them his benefactor. Since the Jews were considered benefactors, they were greatly supported by the Muslims. Their great scholars and intellectuals were born in this era.

Mr. Bulgarian, who had been Israel’s prime minister, wrote in his book that their Diaspora lasted from 70 to 1917 and their golden era was that when Spain was ruled by Muslims. They enjoyed living in Spain in that era. They did tricks while living there. Out of those tricks one is that they stabbed Christianity in the back and created Protestantism and divided Christians. In this way, they divided Christianity into Roman Catholic and Protestant. People who came to study in Spanish universities from Germany, France and Italy also benefited from the light of Islam.

The Jews continued their conspiracies. In Christianity, Pope was more powerful than the King of that time and the real power was in his hands while the king’s status was like a puppet. The pope declared anything or act legal or illegal. The Jews said that the revealed book should be more authoritative than the Pope. They remained successful to destabilize the Pope. Then they turned their attention to the Bible. Much of the part of the Bible was of Old Testament. As a result, the greatness of the Jews became considerable in the eyes of the Protestants. And as a result of the Protestant religion, they remedied his enmity with Christians over the crucifixion  of Jesus.

Bertrand Russell wrote in his Book In Praise of Idleness page 108:

The Christians, retaining the Judaic belief in a special revelation, added to it the Roman desire for worldwide dominion and the Greek taste for metaphysical subtleties. The combination produced the most fiercely persecuting religion that the world has yet known.

One of the three things that came to Christianity was the Old Testament which was changed because the original Torah was lost in 583 BC with the first time fall of the Temple of Solomon. After lost of Torah, about a hundred and a half year later, it was rewritten from memory in which they made changes according to their priorities.

The atrocities taught in this book:

See what the Jews have taught in the book to justify their atrocities and massacres, and to accuse the Prophets of being horrible and the worst of fornication.

First reference: Binti, chapter 31 verses 17-18: So kill all the boys in children and all the women who have seen the face of a man but girls who are unfamiliar with men and are untouchables, keep them alive for yourself.

Second Reference: Exception, Chapter 20 Verses 16-18:  Translation In the cities of the nations which your God gives as despair do not spare a living soul, as your God commanded you.

Third Reference: Samuel, Chapter 27 Verse No. 1: And David destroyed the land, and left neither man nor woman alive

Fourth Reference: Exception, Chapter 1, Verse 1:  And what could be the worst bloodthirsty religion is Christianity. This is what Bertrand Russell stated above.

2000 Years History of Jews

The manifestation of this is the Crusades. At the end of the first millennium, millions of Muslims were killed in the eleventh century. It was only inside Jerusalem that blood was shed that even their own historians write that blood flowed down to the knees of the Crusaders’ horses. From where they passed away, they wiped out the populations. Although many Jews were killed in the Crusades. When crusaders were traveling three thousand miles, from France and Germany, Pope Urban II persuaded them against Muslims stating that the holy land where Christ was born and where he was crucified is in the hands of Muslims who are apostates and infidels. He influenced the crusaders and reluctantly, it is difficult to find an example in human history of such a catastrophe.

src: Dr. Israr Ahmad Lecture- 2000 years history of Jews.

2000 years history of Jews  Read in Urdu

2000 Years History of Jews