Roasted Chana Benefits (Bhuna Chana Benefits) بھونے چنے کھانےکے فوائد

Roasted Chana Benefits (Bhuna Chana Benefits)بھونے چنے کھانے کے فوائد

There are two types of roasted chana (chickpeas) in the market one is Black and another one is White Gram (chickpeas). Today’s topic is about Roasted chana benefits and its health benefits. This can also be well-thought-out as the Desi food item. Grams are originated from the Asia Pacific region. It is also used to get gram flour for backing other delicious dishes. Grams are the component of six natural key items which are proteins, Iron, Fiber, Folic Acid, Calcium, and Carbohydrates. If we make the comparison of both black grams are more beneficial as compare to white grams. It is the best alternative solution of Meat, Eggs.

Following are the Benefits of Roasted Gram chickpeas

  1. These are very beneficial in weight reduction.
  2. It is the rich source of Fiber and Iron and helpful to heal the internal body health of men and women both.
  3. It is the best remedy source for the digestive system. Besides, get rid of chronic constipation and stomach burnings due to the access range of fiber and proteins.
  4. It is rich in minerals and the finest antioxidants which help to reduce the dangerous disease such as Cancer etc.
  5. Roasted Grams eliminate the cholesterol level from the bodies and filter the blood as well.
  6. Roasted Grams helps to make bones stronger due to the access of iron factor and in it.
  7. It is also amusing for the growth of hair. If you have short length hair or having split ends of hair use daily in the morning a bunch of roasted grams.
  8. The women who are facing internal body weakness or having a skinny body needs to make it daily routine eating of roasted grams.
  9. Make a routine of eating roasted gram after hectic exercise daily.
  10. It also works as an antibiotic in lower intestinal diseases.
  11. Roasted grams are also very much advantageous for diabetic patients. The use of roasted grams will make the sugar level constant.
  12. Roasted Grams also good source of skin purification

Hair Loss Home Remedy of Roasted Gram Chickpeas

  1. Aloe Vera Gel
  2. Gram Flour (Basen)
  3. Leamon


Take above mentioned three items with sufficient and equally distributed quantity. Make the paste of the whole three items. Apply this paste on your hair for half an hour before taking a shower. After half an hour clean with it with cold water. It is important to mention that after using this do not use the shampoo for cleaning hair. In case you have dry hair use Yogurt instead of lemon.

Home Remedy Men Sexual Health of Roasted Gram Chickpeas

  1. Take 7 numbers of roasted grams in quantity
  2. Glass of Milk


Take 7 numbers of grams with shells. Boil the milk of one glass and put those grams in the milk for one night. In the early morning before taking breakfast to eat all those grams and drink milk as well. You can also increase the quantity from the 7 number to 20 numbers.  This home remedy will naturally boost men’s sexual health. You would not believe how much useful consequences you will see after this home remedy.

Note: It is also important to mention here that do not drink water for half an hour after eating Chickpeas (Roasted Grams).