Five Days Home Remedy Reduce 3 KG to 5 KG in Just 5 Days

Reduce belly fat in five days home remedy.This is a simple trick to reduce your belly fat fast. This will help you to burn the extra fats from the body. You only need to do is take under given ingredients for five days.

Follow the under given steps

Step 1

Take one glass of warm water with turmeric powder. Turmeric works as a natural antibiotic and antiseptic as well. Turmeric has multiple advantages from inner infection to outer injuries.

belly fat flat stomach

Step 2

Take one piece of Ginger almost one small piece is essential and cut it into small pieces.

belly fat stomach

Step 3

Take the pan and put it on the stove with two glass of water.Now take Ginger and put those pieces into that boiling water

Step 4

Take almost size of the inch piece of Cinnamon and put it into that water. This ingredient product is only for those who could not able to digest food easily.

belly fat stomach fat

Step 5

At this, you need to boil the water for five minutes and after five minutes you need to put 1/3 spoon turmeric powder into that water. Now boil this water for one minute and after one minute filter this water.

Precautions for these ingredients

I want to inform you that for this ingredient you don’t need any of the regular exercise plan or diet plan. The only thing has to do is you have cut of high sugar and avoid fast foods from your diet only five days. You will see the incredible results only in five days. Take this in warm condition before one hour of your breakfast.