How to Increase Sperm Motility. Foods that Boost the Sperm Motility?

How to Increase Sprem Motility

How to increase sperm motility / Low Sperm count is fluid ejaculated in sexual health. If it contains the low count of human sperm (such kind of male reproductive system or male hormones) sperm test is the only factor that is being used to inspect male infertility / sperm motility. There are different reasons/types of male sperms in the infertility problem.

Reasons for Low Sperm Motility / Sperm Count

  • Erectile Dysfunction ED
  • Low Sexual Stimulation
  • Such kind of pain inside the male testicle area
  • Hormonal Imbalances (Such as a sudden decrease in body hair can be considered as the abnormality)

Normal Sperm Motility

Normal Sperms shape is related to the shape of an oval with a normal head and tail

Defected Sperm Motility

Sperm head and tails have defected are the second type of Sperm

Factors involved in Male infertility / Sperm Motility

The following are the five factors that are considered essential in the male infertility test.

  • Volume Quantity of Semen
  • The quantity of Sperm in Counting
  • Sperm Meditation
  • How much Quantity alive
  • Sperm Maneuverable (Motility)

Lots of factors are involved in the semen analysis. Irregularities in the sperm do not mean that a person is infertile.  There is lots of treatment rehabilitation available which can be helpful for improvement in the overall health of male infertility. This can not only be the cause of a male person

Reasons for Low Sperm Count

Low sperm count factors are involved lots of factors some of the given below

  • Smoking Habit
  • Consumption of Alcohol and kinds of drugs
  • Extra Weight
  • Depression or Stress
  • Keeping the testicles area heated
  • Disorder problem in Inheritance
  • Taking pills which eliminate the male hormones
  • Tight Clothes
  • Over Sitting and Driving

Foods which can Boost Male Fertility to Increase Sperm Motility Quality Naturally

Following are the foods which can increase Sperm Motility naturally

Jogi Berries

Jogi Berries is an effective food which can improve the male hormonal disorder. This food is considered a powerful antioxidant which helps to cover the problem of hyperthermia and increases the hormonal levels rapidly.


Garlic is a very common food item that we use in our daily routine life. It is also a  powerful antioxidant. This stabilizes the blood levels in the body. It contains selenium which is very effective in sperm reproduction. Garlic is also effective in Erectile Dysfunction.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds are also one food that improves overall sperm health. It contains omega-3 factors that improve the health of the male organs.

Dark Chocolates

The Next food item is dark chocolates. It also contains omega-3 which produces zinc that helps to improve sexual health.


The Next Food item is Macca. This food improves the libido and effective in male sex drive. This is a healthy food item for overall male sperm quality.


Walnuts are also effective food for male sexual health. It contains two omega factors 6 and 3 and Polyunsaturated which is useful in male infertility.


Banana can also be said a rapid-fire of sperm count producer.  Bananas are the food item, which suddenly responds to the male infertility problems. Bananas are rich in Magnesium and Vitamins B-6 and C that works as a rebuilder of sperm.


Asparagus is the rich source of vitamin-C that helps to improve sperm quality and quaintly.


Eggs are the essential food of the daily routine. These are the comprehensive source of Bromelain and Amino Acid which is helping in male reproduction. Eggs also produce Male X hormones.


Ginseng is the root of plant natural food. This is mostly grown in China and also considered as the food of kings.  It is an extra efficient with natural ingredients which magically improves the male hormonal disabilities. Moreover, this food item also cures Cancer and heart disease.