What is Heart Attack? What to do in Case of Sudden Heart Arrest?

what is Heart Attack and Causes of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Today’s topic is the main organ of the body “The Heart”. As everyone knows the heart is the only body organ that never stops working till death.  A normal man’s heart size about approximately the size of the fist. It pumps the blood through a very complicated system that we call a cardiovascular system. The problem only occurs when the cardiovascular system becomes blocked from the fatty acid and bad of the body. This often comes due to the reason of bad cholesterol.

How Heart Perform its Function

The main function of this body part is red blood flows from the heart to each body part to encourage the body organs with fresh blood and oxygen.  The left part of the heart receives poor quality blood from the body and right side of the heart blood forward a better quality to keep clear the body. A heart is a pump that makes constant blood flow to the body area and lungs work as the eliminator of the Carbon Dioxide and convert it into oxygen.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

  • Chest difficulty feeling some discomfort in the chest area. It might be some other reason but the most common reason for heart problems is a swear chest area pain.
  • Pain in Arm coming through heart main artery
  • Feeling Lightened and faint
  • Throat soaring and pain in the lower area of jaws
  • Sweat even in a comfortable atmosphere
  • Getting deteriorate and extreme tiredness

The behavior of the Sudden Heart Attack

  • Each person has a different nature of business in this during a sudden heart problem.
  • Most of the people feel a mild pain like diabetic patient feels less pain as in comparison with others.
  • Some of the people feel a sudden cardiac arrest a swear pain
  • Feels pain in the Arm to heart pain.
  • Difficulty in Breathing

What to Do in Sudden Cardio Arrest or Heart Attack

  1. After calling some help emergency to unlock the doors for easy access to the local help towards you and sit down with a calm position until the help arrives
  2. Always Keep Blood-thinning formula at your home or in your pocket such as disprin which is very common that helps to reduce the thickness of the blood. In case of feeling the pain of heart gives it to the affected person.
  3. A patient with the history of heart problem should keep Medicine Angised with him In case of feel, any kind of angina pain keep the medicine under the tongue.
  4. Next in case press the chest of the patient. This procedure is called CPR.
  5. In the case of diabetic patients keep some sweet things with you.
  6. Take your medication instantly which is prescribed by your doctor.

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