Surprising Health Benefits of Honey شہد کے حیرت انگیز فوائد؟

Health Benefits of Honey شہد کے بہترین صحت افزا فوائد؟

Health Benefits of Honey. It is a golden color sweet liquid which is a production of the Bees. Its extraction is from the sugary ingredients of the plants. The honey is stored on a self-created structure called the honeycomb. Honey ingredients can cure most of the diseases with their natural effect. In this topic, we will explore the various health benefits of honey

Nutrition Facts of Honey

As per 100 grams, honey contains the following facts

Calories                 304

Fats                         0

Cholesterol           0

Sodium                 4mg

Potassium            50mg

Sugar                    80g

How to Identify Pure Honey or Real Honey

  • One way to identify the honey is if mix with salt into honey the sweet taste will never change.
  • The other way of identification of the honey is if the pure honey is given to the diabetic patient the sugar level of a diabetic patient will remain constant.

Tips and Benefits of Honey

  • Honey is the best source for curbing the extra body fats. It is a useful product to burn extra fats from the body. Take a suitable amount daily for a month can decrease up to 1 pound weight.
  • Honey is effective in dandruff. In the case of Scalp skin has become dry the honey is a useful ingredient. Take one teaspoon honey and mix it with warm water and massage your head for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Honey is also beneficial for strengthening the gums. Mix one teaspoon with vinegar and do rinse daily before sleep for one week. This will make gums perfect and strong.
  • Honey is perfect to make blood pressure normal. Even the daily use of honey can resolve the chronic blood pressure issue. Take two cloves of garlic with one teaspoon of honey daily for making blood pressure normal.
  • The use of Honey with radish is helpful to get rid of chronic constipation and digestive problem. This is a very cheap and easy tip to make your tummy healthier. Eating radish with honey can make it convenient for you.
  • Honey can make cholesterol levels better. There are two types of Cholesterols good and bad cholesterol. One of the researches has proved that taking 75 grams of honey with 100 milliliters of water is effective to cover the bad cholesterol. Besides, this tip also increases the level of good cholesterol in the body. Use this remedy for 15 days only.
  • Honey acts like a traditional syrup of cough. Take two teaspoons daily before sleep for one week if you have any kind of cough.
  • The honey ingredients are effective to make a potent immune system. Use it daily to make the immune system better.
  • Honey is effective in mouth paralysis too. A simple remedy is for the disease is taking 1/3rd of these three ingredients ginger water and onion water with honey in one bottle. Keep the ingredients safe for 5 to 6 days and after that use the ingredient for morning and evening for 1 month.
  • The honey ingredient is also helpful in male infertility. In case of week sperm motility or week, sex drive takes one teaspoon of honey with a hot glass of milk. This will work actively to support male infertility.
  • Honey ingredients are also effective to cure burnt wounds. In the case of any emergency employee on the burnt skin, this will actively heal the wound as well as will be helpful also to make burnt marks disappear.
  • It is also effective for kids in case of stomach pain. Take one teaspoon fennel seeds with the same amount rose water and mint water with honey. Mix all those ingredients and give it to the kids for 4 to 5 days thrice daily. This will efficiently make positive results.
  • It is effective in stomach ulcers too. The use of honey early in the morning without eating anything with cold water of one glass can make it convenient for the disease. Take two spoons of honey with cold water of glass in an empty stomach daily.
  • Honey can make smoother skin too. It works as an antiseptic. It can make softer skin and helps to remove pimples and acne from the skin. Mix one spoon of honey with nutmeg and employ the ingredient for 20 minutes clean the skin with cold water.
  • In the benefits of honey, it is also effective in chest infections.
  • It can preserve things for months.
  • It is also very helpful for women in their specific disease.

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