What are the Health Benefits of Dates and Nutritional values of Dates

Health Benefits of Dates

Dates are very famous fruit since the ancient ages. It has great remedial power since it has revealed. These delicious dark foods are mostly grown in dry climate areas. Moreover, In addition to its sweet taste, the dates are also rich in such nutrients. Today’s topic is about such benefits of the dates that you must aware of it.

Dates are Rich with following Items

Dates are full of nutrients. As per the quantity of 1 ounce, almost 100 gram contains the following elements with quantity

  • Calories = 220 gram
  • Carbs =70 grams
  • Fiber = 10 grams
  • Proteins = 2 grams
  • Potassium Reference to Daily Intake = 20%
  • Magnesium Reference to Daily Intake = 15%
  • Copper Reference to Daily Intake =  20%
  • Iron Reference to Daily Intake = 5%
  • Vitamin B-6 Reference Daily Intake = 12%

Dates are also rich in antioxidant which can lead to various health benefits.

Types of Dates

Following are the 16 common types of dates

1.       Ajwa 2.       Amber 3.       Barhi 4.       Dayri
5.       Dried Dates 6.       Halawy 7.       Hayani 8.       Iteema
9.       Kalmi 10.    Khadrawy 11.    Mabroom 12.    Maktoom
13.    Medjool 14.    Migraf 15.    Safawi 16.    Khola

11 Key Health Benefits of the Dates

  1. Dates facilitate the evacuation of the intestines of food that’s why it is helpful to relieve in constipation
  2. Dates contain a lower quantity of body fat concerning daily intake helps to eliminate the bad cholesterol from the body. Furthermore also helpful in weight reduction
  3. As you know dates are rich in portions which help to make muscles and bodies stronger. Moreover, it is also considered as a gym lover food. Excellent protein source for bodybuilders
  4. Dates are rich in vitamins likewise vitamin B1, vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, and A1. These vitamins help to maintain the energy level of the body and cover up the need of artificial supplements.
  5. Furthermore, Dates have a wonderful impact on bones’ health. As dates have rich plenty of selenium, manganese, and copper that’s why these are well-thought-out for healthier and firm bones.
  6. Dates are full of potassium which helps to keep the nervous system in order and prevents sudden heart stroke.
  7. This food item is also rich in the iron element which is recommended for those who are facing iron deficiency. Also helpful in tiredness, insomnia moreover works as a blood purifier
  8. It works better to improve the overall digestive system. A simple remedy is to take 3 to 4 water soaked dates that will magically perform exclusive impact on your digestive system
  9. The element of Vitamins C and D act as a skin cleanser. Besides, it also positively supportive in the age-related issues
  10. Furthermore, dates help to eliminate deep thirst and impressively beneficial for male sexual health
  11. Moreover, Dates are well-thought-out for pregnant women with taking certain amount and precautions

Best Remedy for Men Sexual Health Benefits of Dates for Men

Dates are very beneficial for men’s sexual health. Here I would like to share a remedy that will boost male sexual health as well as improve sperm motility. Take 4 to 5 dates without seeds and put them into the water to make them softer. Now after that take half kg milk and put all those dates into the milk. Boil the milk, until it gets mixed with the milk. Drink the milk for 15 days. This will make incredible results on your sexual health.

Side Effects of the Dates

As we have studied that dates have maximum potential results on health but the other side access to everything is also bad. Too much consumption can lead to various problems too.

  1. Diabetic patients should always avoid the dates as they are naturally sweet and can cause high blood sugar.
  2. As we know dates are rich in fiber but the better consumption can cause disorder of the digestive system
  3. Access of fats with access to consumption can lead to gain extra weight in the body.