What are Green Tea Benefits & Advantages of Green Tea.

Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea benefits are commonly known to everyone. It is a very powerful antioxidant. Green Tea works better in various health problems.  It is the ingredient of Camellia and Sinensis leaves. Tea country origin is basically from China. The researchers explained the green tea that it is well-thought-out that as the healthiest thing on the planet. Green Tea tastes better with honey and lemon.

The following are the Benefits of Green Tea / Advantages of Green Tea

  • It is full of flavonoids and catechins which is strong antioxidants which protect body cells to damage
  • Green tea is a healthier beverage for burning and losing extra fatty acid from the bodies.
  • Green Tea is effective against tooth germs and food poisoning issues
  • Such an element in the green tea effectively works against allergic cells and prohibit the allergic bacteria’s.
  • Green Tea also works efficiently in seasonal ailments.
  • Green tea is effective in mouth smell and stomach problems
  • Chemicals of green tea are very much helpful against Cancer diseases
  • This tonic tea improves the metabolism that improves the overall digestive system
  • Green Tea eliminate bad cholesterol and bad toxins from the body
  • Green tea also contains an anti-aging factor
  • Green Tea protects such body parts firmly likewise Kidney, Leaver, and lungs to function well.
  • It is also very effective in High Blood Pressure and diabetes
  • Helps to improve the health of thyroid glands problem

Green Tea Side Effects

Green tea is beneficial in certain issues but the access use of green tea could be harmful to certain health also. More use of tea can cause various problems following are green tea side effects.

  • As everybody knows that green tea involves caffeine factor which can create a problem like sleeplessness (Insomnia)
  • Better consumption improves the metabolism which leads to upset the stomach and Diarrhea and frequent urination.
  • Better consumption of green tea can create the effect of Osteoporosis with frequent urination
  • Better use of Green tea can decrease the levels such kind of hormones testosterone
  • Access to everything is bad so it can also damage the leaver
  • Caffeine consumption could become habitual which can cause a high heart rate and irregular overall nervous system

Best Green Tea For Weight Loss a Home Remedy

This remedy is beneficial for weight loss and to justify the overall digestive health system. Take garnished ginger and boil this in the water for 15 minutes. Now take the green tea or tea bags of the green tea to infuse in the water. It is important to mention that rather boil the green tea in the water infuse the tea into the boiling water. After performing the above-given procedure take a lemon and 15 to 20 drops to mix them in that water. This remedy will increase metabolism and will compose the digestive system to work efficiently. Moreover, this will also increase protein absorption and effective in bodybuilding too. Furthermore, it is also important to mention here that during the consumption of this remedy avoid the citrus fruits, etc.


  • Avoid usage during an empty stomach this will lead to burning and acidity.
  • Take it before or after one hour of eating food this will work as a good appetizer