7 Simple Exercise for Flat Belly You Can Do Right On the chair

Exercise for flat belly. These are the simple exercises which you do not need to make particular arrangements. Do this exercise daily for 30 Minutes which will help you to get rid of belly fat.

Exercise for flat belly

1.Knee to Chest Lift

Falt Belly Exercse


Do this exercise in the alternative sequence. Repeat 20 to 30 reps daily will strengthen your Abs muscles and improve the absorption System as well. This is best simple Abs workout exercise.

2.Double Knee Lift

flat tummy belly fat

Do the exercise daily with repetitive sequence 20 to 30 reps daily. This exercise will help to reduce overall belly fat of muscles effectively.

3.Double Knee Lift with Bending Side Body.

flat tummy flat stomech

Do the exercise daily with repetitive sequence 20 to 30 reps daily with alternative sequence sides. This exercise will effect on slanting muscles and will the side body fats.


4. Bending with Arms Movement.

belly fat flat stomech


Do this exercise with repetitive sequence both sides with 20 to 30 reps. this exercise will burn the side fat and effective on hips fat as well.

5.Chair Triceps

belly fat flat belly flat stomech


Do this exercise with 20 to 30 reps daily. This will make your shoulders strong and rapidly effective in the overall situation such as Belly Fat, Side Fat Hips and restore the flat stomach.


6.Knee to Elbow Lift

belly fat flat stomech flat belly

Do this exercise daily with 15 to 20 reps while sitting on the chair with a repetitive sequence of both sides. This exercise is most effective to improve the waist and burn the belly fat fast.

7.Oblique Muscle Strengthen

belly fat flat stomech

This is very much valuable exercise for belly fat. Do this exercise in 4 or 5 series of multiple sets 10 to 15 times.  This will make stronger your glutes and burn waist and belly fat as well.