What are Benefits of Cashew Nuts & Disadvantages of Cashew Nuts?

Benefits of Cashew Nuts (Kaju Benefits)

Benefits of cashew nuts (Kaju Benefits). These are similar to the other dry fruit items. Cashew has salted and sweet in taste. Usually, they are rich in fats and an extra source of vitamins. Cashew nuts are grown in some tropical climate areas. They grow in the shape of seeds which are hanged with the cashew apple. These vitamins and minerals are the healthy support system and help to progress the overall body system. This dry fruit is considered as the lowest fiber food but rich in vitamin –E and vitamin –K along with B-6.

Cashew nuts (Kaju) Ingredients

1 Raw Cashew amounting to one ounce contains the following natural ingredients

  • Calories =150 g
  • Vitamin E = 0.3mg
  • Vitamin K = 9.5 mcg
  • Vitamin B6 = 0.6mg
  • Portions = 5 grams
  • Calcium = 10 mg
  • Carbohydrates = almost 9 grams

Cashews have actually belonged to Brazilian country but the Portuguese brought this dry fruit to the sub-continent in the 15th or 16th century.

13 Amazing Health Benefits of the Cashew Nuts (Kaju)

  1. Cashew nuts improve the deficiency of the blood and make the body healthier and active. Such elements in the cashew help to improve the body organs
  2. Cashew is also very beneficial in weight loss with mixing such other natural ingredients
  3. These are also helpful to control diabetes. It is being considered good food for a diabetic patient. Moreover, recommended intake 2 to 3 cloves of cashew daily for the diabetic patient. Cashew contains such elements which can absorb the insulin from the body/blood cells as well
  4. Cashew nuts are helpful in hair growth. Make hair a healthier and natural shine.
  5. Cashew makes stronger Gums and bones
  6. Cashew eliminates bad cholesterol to keep the blood pressure constant. Moreover,  improves the health of the heart and lessen the hazard of the heart attack
  7. Cashew make refresher skin and works as good antidote against such cancer problem
  8. The use of cashew is better in the problem of insomnia. It helps to lessen the depression and makes better mood swing
  9. This food item is also healthier for improving kidneys health
  10. They make muscles stronger as well as helps to make a robust backbone
  11. Cashew also helps to improve male sexual health. This is helping material for improving the sperm motility
  12. Morning intake of cashew reduce the consequence of age-related issues
  13. In the urbanization, our eyes often face such diseases from pollution, etc. Nutrients in the cashew protect the eyes.

Disadvantages of Cashew Nuts (Kaju)

As we have a brief of the cashew benefits as mentioned above but access to everything has also some bad consequences. Some of the side effects are mentioned below.

  1. Cashews have salted effects that must be avoided by the high blood pressure patients. Cardiovascular disease patients may be prescribed by their doctor for consumption quantity
  2. Cashew nuts are consumed for the management of the weight of the body but the access of the nuts can have a negative impact on the body which can raise the weight as it has some fatty minerals
  3. Though it is a good ingredient for health, however, better consumption can cause the allergic reaction of our body and skin
  4. As cashew nuts high protein food but don’t let it a common practice for eating as it is not a complete food like vegetables and fruits. So it is recommended that don’t let it a central food for your daily routine practice.