Burn Your Belly Fat Quickly a Simple Solution

Burn Your Belly Fat. Belly fat is very much common nowadays. It seems that it has become a universal problem. Now today I will share a very effective way of losing the belly fat with natural ingredients. This technique comprises very much simple ingredients.

Following are the Ingredients for the belly fat burn Juice.

  1. Take One Lemon and cut it into two pieces
  2. Take Fresh cucumber
  3. Take Ginger one Piece
  4. Take mint leaves 10 to 15

Step 1

flat stomach belly fat

Take a bowl and remove the peel of cucumber and cut the cucumber into small slices. Cucumbers have excellent results for weight loss as it contains 98% water in it.

Step 2

belly fat flat stomach

Now take the lemon and cut the lemon with peel into small slices. Lemons are rich in numerous vitamins such as vitamin-C, Vitamin B and B1. They contain magnesium, Calcium, and potassium

Step 3

belly fat flat dtomach

Now Take the Ginger and remove the ginger root peel and garnish the ginger. Ginger is very common in the household item. Chinese are using ginger from centuries. It is the favorite ingredient item in foods and medicines as well. It is effective antioxidant and fights with various diseases.

Step 4

belly fat flat stoamch

Take a bowl with 10 to 15 mint leaves. The mint is a rich natural herb. This herb is rich with unlimited medical qualities. It improves the skin problem helps to resolve the sleep issues and muscle pain.

Step 5

Take a jug with 10 glasses of waters and mix all the given ingredients very well.

Step 6

belly fat flat stomach

Leave the ingredients for overnight and it is very well if you keep the ingredients in the fridge. Now your diet juice is ready. It is effective if you consume the water before taking breakfast for excellent results. consume the ingredient water for one month to get rid of your belly fat

Note: This Diet juice is not recommended for the pregnant and breastfeeding women’s without consulting the doctor.