Mian Mansha Life, Career, Family, Net Worth, Business Biogrpahy (Nishat Group)

Mian Muhammad Mansha (Chairman Nishat Group & MCB) Nishat Textile Mills

  • Full Name: Mian Muhammad Mansha (Family Migrated from Kolkata)
    Date of Birth: December 1st, 1947
    Age: 72
    Place of Birth: Lahore and Back belongs to Chiniot, Punjab Pakistan
    Birth Sign: Sagittarius
    Religion: Islam
    Marital Status: Married (Naz Mansha)
    Children: 3 (Mian Hassan Mansha, Mian Umar Mansha, Mian Raza Mansha)
    Father Name: Mian Muhammad Yahya
    Net Worth: 2.5 billion $
    Nishat Group Total Worth: 10.3 billion $ as per the report of 2008
    Total HR Strength of the Nishat Group: 55000 Personal almost working in Nishat Group
    Business List of Nishat Group: Nishat Group was founded in 1950
  • Stock Exchange Company
  • Adamjee Insurance Limited
  • Pakgen Power Limited
  • Nishat Power Limited
  • D.G Khan Cement
  • MCB Bank
  • Nishat Chunian Mills
  • Lal Pir Power
  • Nishat Automobil Industry
  • Nishat Linen
  • Adamjee Life Assurance
  • Nishat Dairy
  • Nishat Hospitality
  • Nishat Papers Products Company
  • Pakistan Aviators & Aviation
  • Security General Insurance Company
  • Nishat Hotels and Properties
  • Nishat (Aziz Avenue) (Gulberg) (Gulberg) Hotel and Properties Limited
  • Nishat Developers
  • Nishat Commodities
  • Lalpir Solar Power
  • Nishat Real Estates Development Company Nishat Farms Supplies
  • Nishat International FZE
  • Nishat Global China Company
  • Nishat UK
  • Nishat Linen Trading LLC
  • Nishat USA Inc.


Mian Muhammad Mansha Chairman of the Nishat group of companies is one of the most successful business entrepreneurs of the Pakistani industry. Withholdings prominent business interests like textile, banking, cement, power, and aviation’s as well. He is also on the list of Forbes with top Pakistani billionaire.

Nishat Group Companies is the one name in the country having the largest export of textiles more than 40 countries. Besides, having a production plant of cement also claims the ownership of MCB bank which was declared the most efficient bank of Asia. Furthermore, he also claimed that they are also producing 10% of the electricity (Nishat power plant) of the country. He said that the long term shareholdings are the best strategy for entrepreneurial functions.

Furthermore, he said Pakistan is the list of under developing countries. The countries growth rate is not more than 3% which is less than 3% more from the other regional countries. Even Bangladesh is now considering us down upon country. Moreover, Pakistan is full of natural resources. But there is dire need of devising a strategy that must be followed. One of the major reasons for hopelessness and depression is laziness and idleness. He has a message for the youngsters and initial entrepreneurs keep faith in Pakistan and keep working hard no matter what you gain at the last.