How to Fix Print Spooler Service not Running

Print Spooler

Print Spooler   Service Not Working  Print Spooler Service not running is a frequent trouble that arises to your computer screen when you try to print a document, snaps, maps, etc. First of all, I would like to explain the function of Print Spooler Service on a computer. Basically, Spooler is a dedicated memory on your … Read more

How to Fix Computer Error 3F0 Boot Device Not Found

Computer Hardware

Error 3F0 Boot Device Not Found The HP Computer Hardware error 3f0 boot device not found is the error of Hard Disk failure. Here I want to tell about myself that happened to me and how I did resolve the issue. Last night I shut down my HP laptop after installing windows 10 updates. When … Read more

What are the Web Attacks and how SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting work?

SQL Injections Cross Site Scripting

Web servers permit communications. Frequently web servers allow users to interact with websites. This authorization of web point has a possibility for web-based attacks. SQL Injections (Structure Query Language) is a very common type web-based attack. In this attacking process, the attacker plays a tricky role to execute formulated commands. The technique is attacker log … Read more