World’s Richest Person Jeff Bezos-Biography

Billionaire jeff bezos biography

World’s richest person Jeff Bezos, Owner of – Biography World’s richest person Jeff Bezos belongs to USA and is the founder and chief executive officer of world’s most renowned and famous online selling site He is also owner of ‘The Washington Post.’ He is one of the billionaire and richest people in the … Read more

What is Publicity and Its Tools and Advantages in Market?

Publicity Marketing tool

What are Publicity  and Its Tools Advantages of Publicity in the Market Publicity Tools means utilizing the peripheral object. It could be a personality or an individual from the mass media. The main function of the object is to increase the level of awareness. It is one of the relational tools of Marketing Mix. It … Read more

Barriers to International E-Commerce


E-Commerce can be said as Digital Business. Areas and integral part of the e-commerce study are Technology, Business and Law/policy. In this topic, we will discuss the barriers to international e-commerce. Following are the barriers to international E-Commerce. Lack of Trust Language Infrastructure Culture Lack of Trust In the online business, it is a necessary … Read more

Human Resource Management System and Fundamentals HR Systems

Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System A purpose that tries to match an organization needs to the services and capabilities of its staffs. HRM practices within the organization that usually perform multiple tasks regarding recruitment, hiring the personnel, Deployment of HR and Management of Deployment Plan as well. Moreover, the HR department of any company is generally … Read more

Organizational Design and what is Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure Organizational Designs

The organizational structure defines that how officially tasks are distributed and coordinated in sequence. Organizational chart briefly describes hierarchy and levels of distributed tasks within the organization. In the early days of the 20th century Henry Ford an automobile manufacturer quoted the example repetitive work on the assembly line. Nowadays a term work specialization is … Read more

Detailed List of the Projects of CPEC in Pakistan

CPEC Projects

CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). There are following projects which are currently under process. CPEC Projects with Energy Sector 2 Projects of 660 MW Coal Power Plants at Qasim Port Karachi cost of 1980 million. 870MW Hydro Power Station Suki Kinari Naran, KPK  effective cost of 1802 million 2 Coal Power Plants at Sahiwal total … Read more