What is Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing?

Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing

Let’s make a concept of digital marketing or internet marketing. When you discover about the Digital marketing what comes first in your mind. Obviously, the answer will lead you towards selling or providing something digitally. Such as favoring the Social Media, Google search engines etc. In fact, all these factors cover Digital Marketing. Multiples digital revenue models are involved in it.

What is The Digital Marketing Revenue Business Models?

Digital Marketing has led the latest trends towards the Business strategies. Which are given below?

Website Based Revenue Models

Though, the aim of Digital Marketing marketing or E-business is cost effective and customer friendly. The basic function of the system is made profit digitally. The Web-based business model is the most common phenomena nowadays for making the profit. In this model, the marketers provide a digital cart system to the online customers throughout the world. Sellers earn revenue from which they have displayed on the web like music, videos, books, clothes, toys, flowers etc.

Online Marketing Content Revenue Model

Web-based methods rapidly growing day-by-day in an efficient manner. Consequently, one that catches various e-businesses which offer multiple kinds of information services such as News, Legal Services, Governmental, Academic and Digital Libraries. These services can be personalized as per needs and demands. Customers have to make subscription fee against the valued services given on the web portal. E-services like E-Publishing have cut down the cost of other sources such as paper printing etc.

Advertisement at Digital Marketing

In this digital marketing advertisement system, information and services are provided to certain viewers without any cost. Like Yahoo, Bing, and Google-based search engines providing the information to the audience and generating revenue by advertisements displaying ads to their portal.

Subscription Mixed Advertisement Model

These kinds of online marketing models are based on subscription as well as advertisement both work collectively. The system is one has to pay charges for subscribing facilities/information whereas some are free of cost as they are running advertisements.

Fee Paid Model

Fee Paid online marketing model is business offering facilities for which they charge a certain amount for it. In fee paid model services, revenue is earned definitely against the facilities which are needed for the customer. Stock Exchange is the clear example of the system that they charge on each transaction made by the customer.

Fee Paid Model Regarding Service Rendering

These are also a paid fee models but differentiate the above-mentioned case for paying the fee for service rendering or adapting the services such as professional’s services selling their professional skills online like Doctors, Lawyers, Consultants, Auditors etc.