What is Publicity and Its Tools and Advantages in Market?

What are Publicity  and Its Tools Advantages of Publicity in the Market

Publicity Tools means utilizing the peripheral object. It could be a personality or an individual from the mass media. The main function of the object is to increase the level of awareness. It is one of the relational tools of Marketing Mix. It is interconnected with the factor of Public Relations. The subject includes Politicians, Business Personalities, Artists, and Actors etc.

Four Components of Marketing.

• Advertisement
• Sales Promotional Activities
• Selling the Brand or Product by Personal efforts
• Promotion or Publicity

It is a tool for Public Relations (Personal PR). This tool behaves as an administrator of all kinds of communications in the middle of customers/ Clients and the specifically selected viewers. It works as a mediator enlightening activity for the consumers. The ultimate goal of the activity is to promote the client’s products and services.

Some of the Key tools of Public Relations or Publicity are given below:-

• Press Media Release
• Telephonic Press Conference
• In Studio Media Campaigns
• News releases
• Write-up Stories of News
• Contests Campaigns
• Exhibitions
• Seminars and Speech Talks
• Poll Survey on different forums such as a very powerful mode is Social Media
• Individually created Social Media Campaigns
• Celebrate Media Campaigns
• Award Making Ceremonial Activity

The advantage of the Publicity

It is a low cost and reliable and effective, particularly if it is run in between the time of casting news stories.

The disadvantage of the Publicity

• The prime difficulty is the absence of the controlled of the system environment.
• Less percentage of release by the media consultants

Public Relations

Public Relations is a skill and science of building an association between society and its significant community users. The primary associated with infrastructures and administration.