Organizational Design and what is Organizational Structure

The organizational structure defines that how officially tasks are distributed and coordinated in sequence. Organizational chart briefly describes hierarchy and levels of distributed tasks within the organization.

In the early days of the 20th century Henry Ford an automobile manufacturer quoted the example repetitive work on the assembly line. Nowadays a term work specialization is used to differentiate job descriptions within the organization.

The specialization of work is not only complete job done by an individual; in fact, it is framed in descending order in a number of steps with multiple people.

6 Key Factors How to Determine Organizational Structure?

  1. To what extent responsibilities are distributed to Jobs?
  2. What reasons will jobs bring together?
  3. To whom a person or a group of person report?
  4. How successfully administrator can direct junior?
  5. Where does verdict making power lies?
  6. To what extent guidelines to direct employees and managers?

Organizational Structure and Designs?

  • Organizational Structure?

According to the business book structure of the organization is a group of the people in the specific field of interest working together within the organization.

  • Organizational Design

Acts, decisions which were taken under the superior working body is called the design of the organization.

Characteristics of Organization

Organizational Structure Organizational Designs

Types of Organizational Structure

According to Business models, there are two types of basic organizational models Mechanistic Model (A tall organizational Structure) and Organic Model (A Smooth working organizational Structure)

Mechanistic Model

Organic Model

·         Workforce division

·         Parallel/Perpendicular Difference

·         Visible Chain of Command

·         Slightly Measured

·         Centralization

·         Directly Administrated

·         Multi-functional groups

·         Individual Diversity

·         Unfounded  Chain of Command

·         Uniformly Measured

·         Decentralization

·         Various Administrations 

Common Organizational Designs?

Simple Structure

A Simple Structure is a structure of lower level departmentalization with a wide span of control under one line of action.

Bureaucratic Structure

Bureaucratic Structure is work under the official command of action, firm rules and guidelines grouped with efficient subdivisions. The narrow span of control with multiple command and directions.

Matrix Structure

Matrix Structural design works on dual responsibilities and authorities which narrates functional and departmentalization works collectively

Organization Hierarchy Chart?

A simple Organizational chart explains the hierarchal structure of the organization