Barriers to International E-Commerce

E-Commerce can be said as Digital Business. Areas and integral part of the e-commerce study are Technology, Business and Law/policy. In this topic, we will discuss the barriers to international e-commerce.

Following are the barriers to international E-Commerce.

  • Lack of Trust

  • Language

  • Infrastructure

  • Culture

Lack of Trust

In the online business, it is a necessary step to make a trustable online business. Such as in the physical business management system customers are well aware of the business consoles what they are and what they have. However, it is tough to figure trust because a kind of privacy exists for companies. The issue of privacy can be clarified that the customer will not know in case of an online bank as to how huge and well recognized it is. Visitors would not become customers until they find the trusted company behind the portal.

In this case, feedback and attention of the visitors are more important before designing a web portal. For illustration, there should be a Q&A for the ease of the customers on a web portal. Furthermore, companies which are more market vigilant have better representation in the market for a new online set-up as in comparison with newest one.


Be a part of other nations culture is a better source of business. Language has its importance for initiating a business in others countries. For this, you need to provide an ease of understating your business to the other countries. Nowadays, different software’s are available in the market which can translate your online podium into multiple languages. It is important that at least the main pages and other information regarding products should be in translation mode.

However, It is important to set-up default language should set-up while establishing a connection. This initial setting helps to servers in translating the language.


Covering the international business concepts you must aware of cultural issues. A first step is to choose the better name covering the geographical position. In this regard, sensible steps are required for the web portal for selecting icons and names as it can be a different meaning in different parts of the world. For Example, a US cart is the symbol is better for selecting and putting your items virtually, whereas shopping basket is more appropriate in Britain side. Similarly, the Cow insignia is not suitable in the cartoons concerning to India. On the side of Muslims can be offended by human pictures that disrupt the Islamic directions.

Some of the demographics have cultural environment concern. For example, mostly in the Islamic countries information contradicts to Islamic rules are banned. Similarly, in the certain areas of demographic world government implements internet censorship practices. Some of the countries do not have strong censorship rules but perhaps they have strong cultural activities. Such as, in France it is necessary to have product information in the French language. If the UK wants to import something into France they must have a French product detail along with the product.

Infrastructure Problems

Online infrastructure contains computers, mobiles, and software connected to the internet and network communications on which data travel in packets. In the different geographic parts, the telecom sector is possessed by the government and firmly regulated by the government. The government has lemmatized the use of internet or in such situations does not fully support internet data circulation.  Such as, most of the countries are facing a slow data communication problem.

Moreover, captivating the infrastructure of Europe the internet cost quite high as compare to other countries which discourage internet surfing. As per the different studies more than half of all business on the online podium goes dejected because of poor infrastructure. Thus it is a loss of millions of dollars daily in the E-commerce sector.