How to Stop Hair Fall with Natural Home Ingredients قدرتی اجزا سے بالوں کے گرنے کا علاج

How to Stop Hair Fall with Natural Home Ingredients? قدرتی گھریلو اجزاء سے بالوں کا گرنا کیسے روکا جائے؟

Hair loss has become a very common problem. In medical terms, this problem is known as alopecia or baldness. There are lots of reasons for hair loss in which physiological problem is a major side. In the male, it is due to genetic or hormones imbalances. Moreover, multiple verities of symptoms are involved. It is very important to mention here that it can be a cause of lack of Vitamins too. Biotin or Vitamin-B7 is the element in which the sufferer faces a deficiency of biotin problem. In case of deficiency, the person can get hair loss trouble. Especially in women pregnancy can lead to a deficiency in biotin. Other than this a digestive disorder can also be a cause of hair loss. Furthermore, this topic is about a hair loss treatment with some home-use natural ingredients that how to stop hair fall.


  • Onion (In this we will try to get onion water. It is important to mention here that it is better to get white color onion is suitable for this Remedy)

  • Lemon Peel (Take Lemon Peel with sufficient amount)

  • Garlic

  • Egg Yolk


Remedy (Hair Fall Solution)

This hair loss cure remedy is very simple to proceed. Mostly involved items are available in the kitchen. First of cut the onion into smart pieces. Then take lemon peel of almost of two lemons. Then take 4 to 5 cloves of garlic.  Take all those ingredients into the blender and blend those raw ingredients with not very well. After that all raw material and fetch the water of all these ingredients only. After that take only the yolk of egg and mix with the water of ingredient that has taken out already. Now your hair loss remedy is ready. Apply this ingredient for one month daily. This home remedy has incredible results on hair loss. This home remedy is effective not only for hair loss treatment but also grow new hairs and help to eliminate the split ends. In addition, this home remedy for hair loss is also effective in a migraine

Second Remedy (Hair Fall Solution)

This second home remedy is also associated with your kitchen.


  • Cloves (Laung)

hair loss treatment

  • Red Chili

hair loss treatment

  • Nutmeg (Jayphul)

hair loss treatment


In this hair loss cure remedy, it is simple but needs some attention.  Take the 2-gram cloves (Laung). Now take 4 gram of red chili. The last is nutmeg (Jayphul) 6 grams and mix all these ingredients into the blender. Blend these ingredients until it comes into a powder.  It is appropriate to mention here that if the laung cloves taken in 2-gram quantity increase the grams and the quantity of the other ingredients in even numbers. Such as 2, 4, 6 grams respectively.  After making into powder mix it with mustard oil (Sarson Oil) and apply on the affected area of your head or anywhere where you have lost the hair. In addition to this, you can also use castor oil instead of Mustered Oil for this remedy.  Use this remedy for one month.  Soon your hair loss trouble will be invisible.

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