What are the Common hair Mistakes? Natural Hair Treatment you must Know?

Do you have dull, dry and damaged hair you don’t need to worry about? At this point, we will discuss some of the important facts and hair care therapy and some of the ordinary mistakes you must keep away from. Following are the important details about hair treatment that will help in hair growth.

1. How to Wash Hair Properly

A very common reason for hair fall is a wrong use of shampoo. The shampoo is the mixture of thick ingredients and we use it directly at the scalp. This is a major mistake and after that when we clean our hair shampoo does not come out appropriately.  Consequently, the chemicals of the shampoo make our hair less strong.


hair shampoo

Don’t wash your hair more often because this will get rid of your natural hair oil. The right way of using Shampoo is to take your shampoo in a small port and combine a little water in it. Massage your shampoo with fingertips. Consequently, shampoo will more sophisticatedly reflect on your hair.

2. Hair Conditioner

Most of the people believe that better quantity of the conditioner will make hair smoother and shiner and some other believe that hair will be stronger if conditioner applied directly into the hair roots. But these all are a self-created misconception

hair conditioner




Always apply conditioner on the tips and length of hair. After properly massaging, wash your hair very carefully until the conditioner come out from the hair.

3. Proper Use of Hair Comb

A common mistake is we often use to comb in our soaked hair. Consequent we have more hair loss.  It is pertinent to mention hair become softer when we wash our hair.

Hair Comb Hair Accessories

The right way of combing is first to dry your hair. After drying the hairs first comb the lower length of your hair and then after the upper portion of your hair. This aids in less hair loss. Always use wide teeth comb in your hair and do not let it use to anyone other. Keep your comb clean and change it timely.

4. Wet Hair

Wet hair hairstyle hair look

We do a very common mistake nowadays. Mostly we bind our hair with the towel to dry our hair. This is the wrong concept. Always use a piece of cloth made of cotton to dry Hair Oil

5. Hair Oil

Do you believe that a bulky amount of hair oil can bring our hair stronger? In my opinion, totally oppose the situation.

hair oil
hair oil

Here will explain the right way to use the hair oil. 1 or 2 spoons of the hair oil are sufficient for your hair. Take sufficient amount of oil in the steel port and make it little hot at the stove. Massage the oil for 10 minutes with fingertips until it absorbed properly in your hair roots. Massage improves the blood circulation of the head side and it brings hair healthier. Apply hair oil 2 times in the week.

6. Hair Dandruff problem

Most people think that the reason for dandruff is the dry head skin. But the answer is the opposite. When we have been deficient of natural head oil dandruff becomes prominent.  Dandruff is a germ that eradicates our hair oil and makes the dry scalp.

hair dandruff dandruff treatment

Here we will discuss dandruff hair treatment with a solution of simple steps.

Step 1

hair dandruff dandruff hair treatment

Take 4 Tea Spoon Butter Milk

Step 2

Half Tea Spoon Lemon Juice

Step 3

hair dandruff treatment hair dandruff treatment

Make a mixture of it and spread it in the hair roots with cotton.

Step 4

dandruff hair treatment

Wait for 15 to 20 minutes until it absorbs appropriately. Wash your hair properly after 20 minutes. Apply this method two times a week.

Night Care Treatment

Do not stiff your hair tightly at the time of sleeping. Keep a soft environment for your hair.