How to Make Hair Thicker, Stronger and Get Repaired Naturally

Hair Fall Solution بالوں کو قدرتی اجزا سے مظبوط بنایں

  1. How to make hair silky

  2. How to Make Hair Strong

  3. How to Make Hair Thicker

Onion and Aloe Vera have miraculous effects in hair fall. Here I’ll like to tell you a home remedy for getting hair long, stop hair fall, and making hair thick by use of onion and Aloe Vera. The following are the natural home remedies for hair fall solution.

Onion Hair Fall Solution

The common onion falls in the category of vegetables. It is being used for several food dishes. A 70-gram onion contains 28 calories. It also contains 2.8mg Sodium and 102.2 mg potassium. Besides, they also have Vitamin –C and Vitamin B-6.  It has antibiotics and antioxidant properties and it increases blood circulation in the body. Because of these properties onion control scalp infection and hair loss.

Hair Fall treatment using Onion


Aloe Vera Hair Fall Solution

Aloe Vera comes in the category of plants. It originates from the Arabic area but grows in the wild hot environment. It is a widely used consumer product and works effectively on skin nourishment ointment and minor burn injuries. It contains proteolytic enzymes that repair dead skin cells and help to reduce dandruff.

Hair Fall Solution

How to Use onion and aloe vera for strong, long and thick hair An effective hair fall solution

  • First of all, take one or two medium-size onion and chop them.
  • Then extract onion juice into a cup.
  • Take the stem of Aloe Vera and extract its jell into that cup.
  • Mix and blend onion juice and Aloe Vera jelly.


Apply this blended juice twice a week from roots to the top of the hair and the surface of the head. After applying on the hair wait for about 1 to 2 hours and then rinse your head. You may continue this for about 2 months to get miraculous results.