PPSC Past Papers MCQs

PPSC Past Papers – Solved


What is the capital of Zimbabwe?

Ans.      Harare
2.           In which country Al-Tehrir square is located?

Ans.      Egypt
3           Canton is city of which country?

Ans.      China

4 what is the origin of Lake Nile?

5 Which country has the biggest Hydel Power generating plant?

Ans.      China – Three Gorges 18300 MW
6 Which Country Christopher Columbus belonged to?

Ans.      Italy
7 Pythagoras belonged to which country?

Ans.      Rome
8 Isaac Newton belonged to which country?

Ans.      England
9 When did railway service start in India?

Ans.      Bombay to Thane – 1853
10 Mount Everest was named after Which Colonel?

Ans.      Sir George Everest
11 what is the meaning of de-facto?

Ans.      In fact
12 What is the meaning of faux pas?

Ans.      False Step
13 what is the meaning of carte blanche?

Ans.      Unconditional authority, Discretionary power
14 which is coldest planet?

Ans.      Neptune
15 What is the name of planet with shortest day?

Ans.      Jupiter
16 Which book was written by Tolstoy?

Ans.      –
17 In which month Russian revolution was started?

Ans.      1917
18 Russia launched its space mission to moon in 1957. Tell the date?

Ans.      October Sputnik 1 and 3rd November sputnik 2
19 Secretary General of UNO belongs to which country?

Ans.      –
20 International Court of Justice sits in?

Ans.      Hague
21 What is the circumference of earth?

Ans.      40008 KM
22 What is the name of deepest point of Pacific Ocean?

Ans.      Mariana Trench
23 What was the name of captain of Pakistan’s cricket team which beat England in 1954?

Ans.      Kardar
24 What is the name of book of Allama Iqbal which was translated in Urdu from Persian on its great demand?

Ans.      –
25 Which is a landlocked country? a. Kenya b. Sri lank c. Uganda,

Ans.      Uganda
26 To which country the father of Obama belongs to?

Ans.      Kenya
27 Chile shares longest coastal border with?

Ans.      –
28 theory of special relativity?

29 Who gave the law of heredity?

Ans.      Medelian
30 Which theory was given by Isaac Newton?

Ans.      Gravitation
31 What is the name of strait between Malaysia and Indonesia?

Ans.      Strait of Malaca
32 which strait separates Spain and Morocco?

Ans.      Strait of Gibralter
33 Turnips is a kind of ______?

Ans.      Root
34 What is the meaning of pediatrics?

Ans.      Healer of Children
35 In which continent longest river is located?

Ans.      Africa
36 lowari pass joins?

Ans.      Chitral with Dir in KPK
37 In which country mountain Kilimanjaro in located?

Ans.      Tanzania -Africa
38 when was first international flight from Pakistan?

Ans.      –    (PIA International flight on 1st February 1955)
39 WHO and IMF came into being in result of which agreement?

Ans.      Bretton Woods System Exchange Agreement 1944
40 which is the device when pressed keys encode word on screen?

41 which company has more cash than USA?

42 What is the GDP growth rate of Pakistan?

43 How much part of agriculture in GDP of Pakistan?

44 How much senate increased debt limit of USA government?

45 What is the name of parliament of Israel?

Ans.      Knesset
46 When did Pakistan won first Olympic medal?

47 When did Abdus salam received noble prize?

Ans.      –
48 who invented dynamite?

49 Who is the father of modern science?

50 in which country which country the garden of Babylon found In current

Ans.      Iraq
51What was the Old name if Myanmar?

Ans.      Burma
52 How many Muslims were died in Ghazwa Badr?

53 Which atmosphere layer is nearest to The earth?

54 Which is brightest planet?

55 What is the shape of Milky Way?

56 Al-Qanun fi al-Tibb was written by?

57 alkemia was written by?

58 Where is the head quarter of WTO located?

59 The times which computer takes to reach its data is called?

60 Who wrote book Indian Muslims?

61 Who was the prime minister at the time when General Ayub took over in 1958?

62 What id name the person not present in first cabinet of Pakistan?

63 38th parallel is a border between which countries?

64 which river has blind dolphin?

Ans.      Indus
65 who is special envoy of USA to Afghanistan n Pakistan

66 Bashar al Asad of Syria belongs to which sect?

67 What was the name of Indian atomic operation?

68 Asian drama was written by?

69 koljik pass connects which cities?

70 What is the cheapest source of energy?

Ans.      Hydel
71 Which player twice won grand slam?

72 Which point farthest from karachi on coastal highway? Gwader,pisini,.

Ans.      Gawader, Pisini
73 What is the highest rank in air force?

74 When did railway started in India?

Ans.      1853
75 Biman airways belong to which country?

Ans.      Bangladesh
76 What is the percentage of oxygen in earth’s atmosphere?

77 What is the Name of process of sun heating the earth?

78 What is the time taken by sun light to reach earth?

Ans.      8 Minutes
79 Mixtures of metals is called what?

80 Which organism produces Insulin in body?

81 Which of them was not present in management of Punjab when British took over?

82 Benghazi is city of which country?

83 What is meant by fifth pillar?

Ans.      Press
84 When did Christians conquest Granada?

85 Penicillin was invented by?

86 smallest piece of silicon having electrical diagram in computer is called? (chip)

Which part of computer saves the instruction and time?

Which country Isaac Newton belongs to?

olympic games in Younan 1800….. Which month.

90 The distance between earth and sun is smallest in the month of?

Ans.      September
91 when did Pakistan sent sputnik-1 in space.

92 Which is a brightest planet..?

93 Swiss canals join Which Seas?

Which strait divide Malaysia and Indonesia?

Ans.      Strait of malaca