SMOG 2018 : SMOG Precautions in Lahore


The mixture of fog dust and smoke are the causes of SMOG. Some of the due precautions are given below.

  1. Drink plenty of water daily

  2. Spend more time inside the home during SMOG avoid to wander on streets

  3. Keep the doors and windows closed during SMOG season

  4. Use a wet cloth during home cleaning

  5. Use glasses while traveling on bikes and clean the eyes with cold water during and after the traveling

  6. Use loose clothes and always keep mask with you during SMOG season

  7. Avoid refrigerated cold drinks

  8. Sprinkle water outside the home on dusty areas

  9. Keep vigilance on construction and unhygienic places

  10. Inspect your cars and less travel during SMOG season keep the environment healthy

  11. Pay special attention to Children and Old age people

  12. In case of eye and breathing problem immediate consult with your nearest doctor