PTA Pakistan will Block all unauthorized Mobiles after 20th October

dirbs pta block

The PTA has announced a new DIRBS system. PTA has equipped now with DIRBS (Device Identification Registration and Blocking System). The system will help consumers with registering mobile phones. IMEI is an exclusive identification code generated by the company to enable the identity of the mobile.

This system will be helpful to valid and invalid mobile unity with the help of cellular networks. The action will start after 20th October against illegal usage of phones. This will help in prohibiting theft and smuggling. If PTA will block the phone the handset will not be able to send and receive data.

How the Process will work

This system is to realize you that your market purchased are genuine or non-genuine. In this system, the users who have already in an active mode would not be affected. When your place in SIM into your phone. This will automatically configure your headset with DIRBS. In case, when a Chinese brand headset which is using the copied IMEI number will be blocked instantly. If a manual registration is required it press *#06# to grab your IMEI number and send your IMEI number to 8484.

This process will consider it manually. Moreover, if the mobile is dual SIM just grab both the IMEI numbers the above-mentioned process will be repeated. But unfortunately, you need to put 2nd SIM as well. Furthermore, the mobiles which come through a gift from anywhere else not need to worry about that because all the international brands have single valid IMEI number. They will have to authenticate their product at the time of entry at the airport to the customs authority. They also can utilize PTA website where they can authenticate their phones.

At the launching eve of DIRBS Chairman of PTA expressed that the department has always been involved to help their customers with dynamic telecom services and resources. He further added that mobile services and operations have increased the circle of their activity by  65% more. Now the mobile net accessible up to 20Mbps and the digital lines up to 100Mbps across the country are available. People will be facilitated with this system (DIRBS) through SMS or they may utilize the PTA portal for the ease