Imran Khan Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme 2018

Naya Pakistan Imran Khan

Today this topic is to tell about a detailed brief about the newly launched Naya Pakistan housing scheme of 2018. PM Imran Khan has pledged in his 100 days working agenda of PTI (Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaaf) to construct 5 million houses all over the country for the lower Vegas people or the person who do not possess his own house. Furthermore, we will discuss who is eligible for this Naya Pakistan Housing scheme and what is the eligibility criterion of applying. In this, the Government Housing Authority of Islamabad, Pakistan will regulate rules and policies regarding the Naya Pakistan Housing Schemes. A task force will devise for this project of the housing authority. Moreover, PM Imran Khan will oversee the project himself. The authority also explored about this housing schemes that government would facilitate the lower level families. To make this process successful NADRA will help the government to accomplish this task successfully.

Before applying you must know some of the Important Conditions

  1. The price of the applying form is 250/- rupees.
  2. The forms are available at the any NADRA offices or you can also download these forms and print them from the official site of NADRA
  3. The form submission date is 22, October 2018 to 21, December 2018
  4. The person that doesn’t possess any house will be preferred
  5. Only one person in a family can benefit from this scheme.
  6. A submission fee of this form is 250/- at the NADRA collection center
  7. Initially, the process will start from the first 7 districts sites are Islamabad, Quetta, Faisalabad, Sawat, Sukhar, Gilgit, Muzaffarabad. And will expand up to 19 cities
  8. The second phase process will be announced after the 21st of December.
  9. Take the better quality print and fill in the Block letters.
  10. The form which is not visible to study will be considered rejected
  11. A lucky draw will be conducted for the complete procedure.