What are the Essential Network Tools Trouble Shoot Network

Networking tools is an essential part of networking for an administrator to perform the task properly. There are several guidelines you can use to troubleshoot a system network and monitor network as well.  This topic is about to study the network troubleshooting instructions.


Ipconfig is the command used to fetch all the TCP/IP settings. This command helps us to know about the basic settings of the network regarding IP addresses, your router’s IP address. DNS Server IP address, DHCP Server address etc. So starting with IP configuration write the command ipconfig and press enter in the command prompt.

Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection:

it usually shows your network IP. This represents the connection you have plugged into the computer network card through the RJ45 network cable and default Gateway represents your router.

Network monitor

For fetching the whole basic detailed information type the command ipconfig/all and press enter to get in-depth information regarding network settings.

network monitoring


Ping command is also a significant command. This command sends signals to the other device to get the response that the desired device is online and active or not. This commands also work with the collaboration of ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol). In this process, the request is being sent to the desired system to get the response of the desired device that it is working or not. It is an essential command in troubleshooting the problem and to check the connected position of the device.

network monitor

For demonstration send the request check the status of Router IP. An echo request needs to send to the router in the above-mentioned image and it replied 4 times back to us.  With sum-up of summary packets sent =4, Packets Received=4, Lost=0

Same as if you want to consider any domain response such type the command ping www.google.com and press enter. That will indicate the response of the system.


This command is also network monitoring an essential step in the command tool. Tracert is the process which step by step route the desired destination network.  For example, we want to take the response from the google this command will indicate routers as well in between the sector to reach the Google destination tracert google.com.  A router can also be represented as HOPS rather the name of the router. As mention in the image given below. This command took 11 HOPS to complete the method.network monitor


Now will move further toward final command nslookup. This command will help you to bring out the all DNS record in one command. In this command, the DNS query will help you to gather the entire information. Such as type the command nslookup google.com and press enter.

network monitor

First two lines describe the DNS router IP through which the command is requested. that represents my router DNS.

Further, in the answer, the all given below IPs are the IP addresses of google.com. As you know Google is a huge web portal so that’s why it’s not operating with a single IP address.