18 Preventive Steps to be Victimized of Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime

Preventive precautions are better than to be a victim of this digital crime. Some of the important points need to be considering before going into digital media.

  1. Firewall: Firewalls are the modern technology. It is being used to prevent such attacks while on the network.
  2. Changing the password frequently: In view of the whole system it is important to have a strict security of the accounts. Frequent change of password is the better solution.
  3. Safe Browsing: Do not use often the different computer systems. For example, do not use your email and other accounts on the several computer systems
  4. Use the devices scanned from the Virus: Always make arrangements to keep your system healthy with proper protections. So make it necessary to have a proper check before plugin any device into the computer such as DVDs, VCDs, USB etc.
  5. Suspicious Email Filter: Make your email account up to date. Check with email filters to stop the suspicious emails. Configure email account with an automatic solution of filtering these suspicious emails.
  6. Always consider avoiding sending your photographs to any unknown to avoid any incidence of misuse of your photographs.
  7. Take a proper measure of data backup your data in case of any virus attack of data may not lose.
  8. Keep an eye on your children to prevent any kind of harassment on children.
  9. Website owners should have always some special measures to cover the irregular traffic source by putting the host-based intrusion detection system.
  10. Make a proper backup system of your files and folders of official documents if it had been attacked by an attacker or virus.
  11. Always make your devices disconnected from the interment while it is not in use.
  12. Keep your system and devices and desktop system update with official updates for preventing suspicious files.
  13. Protect your wireless routers and devices with frequent change of passwords periodically
  14. Do not make a file share point with unknown linker
  15. Disable the network settings when it is not in use
  16. Do not respond to the xyz messages or any suspicious links that you not know. Even avoid having a single click.
  17. Take care before opening the email attachments. Follow the proper scan procedure before entering opening the email attachment