13 Steps to Buying Gun in Japan


Japan is a developed country with a number of technical progress in various sectors. It is a place situated in the Pacific Ocean. This country has strict rules and regulations. Today we will talk about the different policy guidelines of Japan to acquire an arms license that how to get a gun in Japan.

Following are the necessary instructions

13 Necessary Steps and requirements for buying a Gun in Japan

  1. It is necessary to take a course and special examination of arms and ammunition course from the recognized institution.
  2. A special mental health examination and certification from the recognized doctor to examine a brief history of drug owing.
  3. After that apply for shooting lessons from authentic institutes.
  4. Moreover, explanation letter to Police with a valid reason why you need a gun.
  5. Furthermore, clear assumptions the person should clear himself that he does not keep any previous criminal record with other debt records
  6. After that, submission of a family record to the authorized department
  7. After passing the above-given steps a gun permit is also an essential part of this process.
  8. Taking one-day firing class in a week is necessary after getting all the permissions.
  9. After that, another important step is to take Gun permission certificate.
  10. If in case the gun is required for the hunting purpose then you have to apply for a hunting license individually.
  11. After that, a safety lock box is required to keep your gun that meets strict safety rules.
  12. Then police examination safety lock case is also a necessary part of this process
  13. After following all those steps a background review is also essential

And finally, if you qualify all the given instructions then you will be able to purchase a gun in Japan. Japan is the country which has the lowest gun crime rate as compared to all over the world. This strict activity rules and policies curtail down the crime rate and that is only up to 10 gun crime deaths yearly.